Readers Write

I would like to commend local authorities and protest organizers for a peaceful demonstration, unlike others around the country.

Since this protest centered around BLM and the murder of their most recent martyr, George Floyd, I have some questions for Ms. Heflin, Ms. Rose, fellow participants and the church which was represented during this march.

BLM was founded in honor of Trayvon Martin, a man with a long history of criminal behavior, as did George Floyd have a long rap sheet. Both men put themselves in confrontive situations which lead to their death. I understand as a Christian we should forgive all sins, but why not honor one of the 36 (as of today) law-abiding Black citizens killed by BLM protesters?

According to the BLM website they adhere to the following beliefs:

• They promote transgenders.

• They promote the break up of traditional western families.

• They promote that Black people support a world order above their own country.

Please go to the website; it goes on and on.

Are these the Christian values that you and your church support?

Please ask yourself a question Desiree. Who are the more aggressive forces in our racial disagreements? Is it the police officers or is it BLM?

Bob Cavannah, Oneonta