Readers Write

The Oneonta Police Department thanks everyone who participated in Monday’s unity march for showing the rest of the country what can happen when a community comes together. There was no rioting, no vandalism, and no violence. We know the people who make up our community and truly expected nothing less. Thank you to the organizers and participants for your pride and class in delivering your message.

To the churches, preachers, and others who helped east the tensions, I also thank you for all that you did to help us. Your support and kind words meant more than you know. Many thanks to you.

I would also like to thank the following law enforcement and public safety agencies for their help with the march: Alabama Fusion Center, Alabama State Fire Marshals, ALEA Investigative Division, ALEA Uniformed State Troooper Division, Blount County 911, Blount County EMA, Blount County Sheriff’s Office, Blount EMS, Cleveland Police Department, Oneonta Fire and Rescue, Snead Police Department, Wallace State Campus Police.

Without your assistance we could not have had the successful outcome we were able to achieve, especially in these strained and anxious times. To those agencies, as well as any I might have left out, we are indebted to you and appreciate your professionalism and support.

I also appreciate all the hard and extra work conducted by the Oneonta Public Works, Park and Recreation Department, the Director of Public Safety, the City administration, and certainly my dedicated officers who performed their dutiees with utmost professionalism.

Oneonta Police Chief Charles Clifton