Readers Write

Please allow me to clarify an announcement that was published in The Blount Countian on June 3, 2020, regarding the Blount County spay/ neuter assistance program.

The Carl Coleman Spay/Neuter Trust Fund is held and invested by the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham. The funds are specifically designated for pet owners in Blount County.

When the non-profit, Blount County Animal Shelter, Inc. (BCASI) dissolved, the executive board established the trust fund in memory of Carl Coleman. Mr. Coleman was a lifelong animal lover, officer, and benefactor to BCASI.

As long as there are funds in the account, which should be in perpetuity, residents of Blount County will have a resource for spay and neuter assistance. The funds will be administered through a local organization, which is currently The Animal Adoption Center.

During BCASI’s 15 years of existence, many local residents played a part in making a difference for pets and pet owners. Through the Carl Coleman Spay/Neuter Trust our efforts will continue. This fund is a great asset going forward and I am proud to have played a part in making it happen for Blount County.

Dinah Wilson, Warrior