Readers Write

Thank all of you who attended the recent fifth annual E.L. and Pauline D. Kilgore Lyceum featuring the outstanding Dr. Billie Jean Young. Many of you commented on Dr. Young’s powerful portrayal at Oneonta High School that afternoon and how touched you were by poetry in her own voice and the stories behind them that evening.

Some of you congratulated me. I could not accept the accolades alone. There were many who contributed and who deserve recognition and appreciation. I will try to list those here; you might express to them your gratitude also. I am naming some as organizations or groups; obviously, institutions do not act themselves, but through their owners and members. Unfortunately, the list probably cannot be exhaustive. I hope any I have omitted will forgive me.

Thank you: Bob Bentley, the Blount-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce, Aimee Wilson and The Blount Countian, Blount Memorial Museum, Tim Chamblee and WCRL, Lee Alexander and Charlie B’s Restaurant, Chase Moore and the Community Arts Council of Blount County, the City of Oneonta, the Covered Bridge Players, Giovanni’s Restaurant, Lester Memorial United Methodist Church, Miller’s Soda Shoppe, Dalton and Jane Ann NeSmith, the faculty and staff of Oneonta High School, David Wilson, and, especially, Beverly Ellis.

Jim Kilgore, Rosa

Dear People of Alabama

Hello! I am a third-grade student in northern Virginia. Our class is learning about the United States, and I will be teaching our school all about the state of Alabama. In the month of May, I will create a display for our State Fair that showcases the unique story of Alabama and I need your help.

Although I have gathered facts from books and websites, I think I can receive the best information from the people who live there. This is why I am writing to you. I am hoping that you would be willing to send me some items to help me learn more about the best things in your state. I am most interested in the history, traditions, and culture that make your state unique. You might consider sending things like postcards, photographs, souvenirs, this newspaper article, or other unique items that I can learn from. Some questions to consider:

Why do you live in Alabama?

What first brought your family there?

What do you like most about Alabama?

What is your job?

What does Alabama look, feel, and/or sound like?

What do people do for fun?

What traditional food and/or recipes does Alabama have?

What attractions are in Alabama?

I will need to gather all of my information by the first week of May. You can mail items to the address below. I really appreciate your help.

Caroline E.
Ms. Lyon’s Class
The Langley School
1411 Balls Hill Road
McLean, VA 22101

Dear editor,

I invite you to go for a scenic drive from Blountsville to Garden City. I have lived here for 55 plus years and I am really disappointed in what I am seeing happen to our county.

As you travel County Road 26 toward Garden City, about half way there our roadsides look like a trash dump. There is an abundance of trash on the right of ways, including fallen trees and limbs. It looks like no one cares what kind of impression we make.

Being a senior with heart and arthritis issues, I am not physically able to clean it up myself. I do not understand why our inmates are not used to help take care of this issue; Cullman County does.

Also I would like for you to drive up to Guinns Cove Road off 26, look at all the trash on it. This is not Alabama the beautiful. Someone in our county government needs to take their responsibility and do something.

To those who throw out all this trash, throw it in your own drive, please. We do not want to look at it.

Deborah Haynes, Blountsville