Readers Write

“A gathering of Democrats is more sweaty, disorderly, offhand, and rowdy than a gathering of Republicans; it is also likely to be more cheerful, imaginative, tolerant of dissent, and skillful at the game of give-and-take.” Clinton Rossiter in Parties and Politics in America

The annual gathering of the Blount County Democratic Club was held on Friday, Aug. 16, at the home of Paige and Diane Cutcliffe. Attendees included a mixture of genders, ages, and ethnic groups representing the residents of Blount County. The menu was selected to create an atmosphere of inclusion. Brunswick stew, coleslaw, and homemade cornbread are all combinations of various ingredients that yield a delicious end product. That is the traditional aim of the Democratic Party.

The speaker at the event was Lee Bean, director of the St. Martin de Poores Center of Concern in Gadsden. Mr. Bean’s life has centered on assisting the less fortunate in our society. His talk was not political, but instead focused on overcoming the obstacles for individual involvement in making a difference in our communities.

The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Frank Green Building in Oneonta and invites everyone who likes to participate in making a difference.

Paige Cutcliffe