Choose cotton

Cotton is the fabric of our lives, and on July 15, voters can help support Alabama’s cotton farmers by voting “yes” on Amendment 1. Supporting the amendment would strengthen the state’s cotton industry by allowing farmers who grow the crop to enhance their current cotton checkoff program.

Farmers fund the checkoff through a self-imposed fee farmers paid when selling cotton at a gin. The money funds important research and educational and promotional activities to help cotton farmers improve.

For more than 30 years, the cotton checkoff program has helped Alabama farmers stay in business. According to a recent Auburn University report, the cotton industry employs nearly 2800 people and has a $290.1 million economic impact to Alabama.

As a cotton farmer, I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact the cotton checkoff has had for me and other farmers in our state. With this amendment, farmers would be able to support additional research projects and educational opportunities to better our family businesses.

On July 15, remember to “Choose Cotton” and vote in favor of Amendment 1. You can find out more about the cotton checkoff program online at

Jimmy Miller

Blount County cotton farmer

Vet says thanks

Hometown Market, its patrons, and all who continue to support our homeless veterans, have our greatest appreciation for your kindness. Their daily needs are the same as ours.

Again, Thank you.

Edward Herd

Oneonta, Post 72

‘Special’ thanks

I would like to thank the efforts of “Keep Blount County Special” and everyone who worked, prayed, and strived to keep alcohol sales out of our county for the past 52 years of my life. There was a time when the vote was not even close.

Let so-called “progress” march on and let our history of uniqueness become a shadow of the past as “Miller Time” commences and our children view the shelves of our grocery stores filled with beer. I expect more tears than rich pockets and more heartaches than pristine restaurants. Some may call me ignorant if they wish. Time will tell.

Randy C. Hale


Your pride is showing

Thank you Blount County for caring for, sharing, and enjoying the reopened covered bridges.

Keeping the area around and under the bridges clean is a sign of pride to our visitors – many who have fallen in love with our bridges, county, and people.

Please continue to report any who would abuse or deface our heritage.

Janis S. Patterson

Secretary Friends of the Covered Bridges of Blount County