Reader writes

'Griz is home'

It’s storming again tonight and bitter cold. For six long weeks I would worry if you were alive and had shelter from the cold, but tonight we are both at peace as you are by my side peaceful and warm.

But your time away was beyond my worst fears. The healthy 100-lb. boy, once happy and playful, came home crawling to me – fearful, obviously starved, and abused! Our vet was appalled, as were many others that your once 100-lb. body was down to a mere 50 pounds.

Your abused body told us many things. The coward that locked you in his shed to starve came from behind and shot you in the head with his pellet gun. I know how frightened you must have been, and you would have run home if you could. You are a gentle boy.

When you cried to get out of your torture shed, he would beat you to shut you up. The cruelest part is you couldn’t see your abuser coming to hit you. Griz is almost blind.

The cruelty you inflicted on this gentle, blind dog is beyond sick and twisted. If you think you need to get at me for something, come to me. Don’t use your baseball bats, pellet guns, and knives any more on defenseless animals. We have always been more than kind to your dogs.

You know who you are and, most important, so does God! This is animal cruelty at its worst.

Any donations toward Griz’s vet bill and eye surgery would be greatly appreciated. My address is Shadylane Road, Cleveland, 35049.

Roy Blair