Reader Writes

Kudos to Cheryl Helton!

Her piece about “Nativity Scene Symbolism” (Dec. 22) was most informative, refreshing, and uplifting!

Most everyone has seen “bukoodles” of Nativity scenes of every imaginable shape and size, from simple to elaborate, from plain to ornate, from very inexpensive to very luxurious with jewels encrusted… and I could go on.

But I dare say very few people, myself included, have ever taken the time to reflect on the significance of the symbolism of each of the elements of the Nativity scene.

Oh, in my 83 years of living, I’ve been immersed in Sunday school, Christmas stories, Bibles studies, and, although I’m unworthy, I know He’s my Redeemer… but I must confess, Cheryl’s article was very compelling and inspirational to me. It shone a light on some things I had never seen before.

Thank you and God Bless you Cheryl!

Brice F. Marsh, Birmingham