Reader Writes

Blount County has many things to offer, as I found out in the Blount County Education Foundation scavenger hunt. They had clues every Tuesday and Thursday with a special guest each time. You would have to figure out the place, then go to visit it.

It came to the day for us to visit the different locations. We went to a lot of places I have never heard of or seen before. Some of the places I was familiar with. In that case, I am so excited the Foundation did the scavenger hunt, because I had fun visiting the new places with a friend.

My favorite place was the Blount County Memorial Museum. It was so cool seeing all the different places and things from Blount County. It was also amazing seeing people that I know in the books and information about my church.

We visited all the places – Palisades Park, Oneonta and Blountsville libraries, Locust Fork Park, Blountsville Historical Park, Hazelrigs, just to name a few. We wanted more clues so we could go to more places. I hope they do the scavenger hunt again next year because it was so much fun.

Kylie Berry, Locust Fork Elementary