Reader Writes

I would love to transcribe some of what certain commissioners have stated at meetings about people who don’t live in Blount County having anything to say in the matter of Dean Calvert or anything that goes on here and send it to the “Marsh from Birmingham” who published a letter in last week’s paper. Especially since he admitted he doesn’t know what it’s all about, hasn’t heard or read anything Calvert has put on social media related to the scandal, nor has he watched the YouTube video, or even knows how Calvert treats others in public meetings.

An outsider, ignorant to the facts, but thinks the only problem with this, (which there were plenty before), is “an off-color remark, in private,” (yet it was 30 minutes of “off-color” remarks to someone also paid by taxpayers in their taxpayer-provided police vehicle… using said vehicle to go on a personal shopping trip to ANOTHER county), “that is offensive to someone or to a given group of people — even profanity (that would be most offensive to me) — is NOT even close to being a reason for termination!”

Uh, who can terminate him? Read a book fellow.

Okay, you’re 82. Older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser. So, you have NO idea what was said (you admitted to not watching it), so you have no clue as to the level of profanity used and how profusely it was used for ONLY a 30-minute snapshot out of ONE ENTIRE 24-HOUR DAY of Dean’s LIFE, nor all of the HORRIBLE and insulting context into how it was used.

PLUS, you just PUBLICLY admitted IN PRINT that you preferred using the N-word and cutting down the quality of a local business owner’s work just because he and his crew are African-American and Dean’s friend on the other end of that call, Warrior cop Glenn, was glad to have talked his ex-wife out of buying one of those homes because they built them. Not exactly the horrible words those two used to say that, but I digress. No I don’t!

WOW! With friends like you, who needs enemies? Do all the folks around Birmingham know you prefer racism over a potty mouth who said his head is only turned by a bad word used to describe a woman’s private anatomy that he only sees us as, or who’s into threesomes, and he covers up his buddy’s extramarital affairs, that this and more is kept “in their circle?”

OH, there’s so much more! Well, since you said, in reference to us who call for his resignation, “It doesn’t cost them a nickel to ask for another person’s head on a chopping block,” do you realize that Dean Calvert cost Blount deputies MUCH MORE than a nickel? How about taking that five and putting a dollar sign to the left and five ZEROS to the right!!! Yes, $500,000 PER YEAR!!! Then with all the excuse making and trying to garner both pity and praise in fake apologies to save face before deleting the shameful video apology he posted, which does still exist.

IF you ever get educated to what all has been said and done around here, then come again on who are really “self-righteous hypocrites.” Have you ever witnessed some of the fits he’s pitched on people? How he purposely tries to make some people feel lower than a snake’s belly? The ego trip and arrogance? The power trip? The talking down to others like he’s the picture of perfection while sitting on some throne of Blount County? He’s even flipped open a Bible and read a little cherry-picked verse out of context in some effort to browbeat someone. He did this while the not-so-private video was out there showing people how he is when nobody is watching.

Of COURSE NOT, you stated YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM, NEVER MET HIM, AND WOULDN’T EVEN RECOGNIZE HIM IF YOU SAW HIM FACE TO FACE. Would you like for me to define “self-righteous hypocrite” for you now?

Addressing how you began, my husband was born in and lived about 30 of his 61-plus years in northern Indiana. He still knows a lot of people there. We know the area, we know businesses there, and we know some of his dear late mother’s good friends who live around the neighborhood. HOWEVER, we don’t go wagging our fingers at any of them, especially in light of us being absent of having knowledge of any of their situations. We live our lives here, where I was born and raised. You don’t. You may approve of racism. The two of us don’t. You may think some “boys will be boys” and that the way of thinking he revealed himself to have is okay. We DON’T! And NO ONE is calling for his “head on a chopping block.”

I’ve also heard “cast ye the first stone,” (also used out of context). They ACTUALLY USED REAL STONES UNTIL YOU DIED BACK THEN. If that woman was guilty, then SO WAS THE MAN…BOOM. There was a bigger point if you read ALL 59 VERSES of that chapter. While you didn’t bring that up, we haven’t been wanting to stone him either. Just that he do the right thing (for someone other than his selfish self) by resigning. You’re worried about HIS livelihood, but not that of all of the deputies, barely getting by on the very money that Dean Calvert’s hands majorly hold the purse-strings to allow them be paid. He boasts of how he can practically walk on water, so anybody as good at everything he says he is can easily get another job, just maybe not as an iron-fisted ruler.

I guess you can obviously read, so I would be happy to provide you with the transcripts of the call and statements made, and I can get the ones concerning the input from those not living in this county being emphatically made known to be unwelcome. I will go against my teachings of respecting my elders when they, by their own admission, just don’t know anything, but choose to lecture us, name call, and absurdly accuse. I promise, you’d find the reading more interesting and offensive than I did your article. Maybe you should have it printed in The Birmingham News next. “For shame, for shame!” Really?

And, for the record, I’m 57. I’m not “woke” or “cancel culture” either. I’m human and a realist.

Darline Box Kandalec
Friday’s Crossing Community