Reader Writes

Thank you Roger Thorne for reading the small print in the Public Notices and for calling attention to ADEM’s proposed actions in The Blount Countian.

In proposing to fine Tyson, ADEM is doing what it is supposed to do. By tracking the reports submitted to ADEM over the past 2 1/2 years, they recognize that long standing chronic permit violations must be remedied. However, I think it is always a good idea for citizens to ask for stiffer pollution penalties.

The allowance of two additional years to resolve a condition known to have already existed for 2 1/2 years seems excessively generous. That means Tyson has up to 4.5 years to detect and correct the causes of toxicity discharged from the plant into Graves Creek. The suggested fine would penalize Tyson a whopping $0.16 per day over the four-plus year period. Ouch!

Summertime is nigh and soon we will all seek beautiful special places to socially distance and dip our toes into water. Mardis Mill on Graves Creek is one of those treasured spots.

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Donna Matthews, Royal