Reader Writes

series of you for publishing the recent of articles on the subject child Thank weeks, you presented your readers with 12 pages of text and abuse. Over three photos that were very informative. Your articles were unavoidably disturbing,

Rice, Ron Gholson, and Jim Kilgore for but also very inspiring. I commend Rob treating such a difficult topic in a very sensitive and professional way. Children every day. It is a sad fact, owing to many factors, in our community suffer abuse including drug and alcohol abuse, fractured families, and the prevalence of online for shining the light on this terrible reality. Thank predators. Thank you folks you, also, for recognizing the unheralded in our community who devote to protecting children and helping victims – DHR workers, law their lives enforcement, foster parents and others. In closing, I want to remind your readers month. There are numerous ways that that April is Child Abuse Prevention support, your can help to raise awareness, show and make our community readers for our children. To learn more, I encourage your readers to a safer place call us at the Blount County Children’s Center (274- 7226) or visit our facebook page.

Jim Ed Clayton, Executive Director

Blount County Children’s Center