Reader writes

'Someone cheering for me'

I attended the Veterans Day Program at Oneonta High School and would like to thank the students, faculty and staff for putting on a super program. The students especially made the day worthwhile starting with meeting the Veterans outside with umbrellas because of the rain to standing and cheering for us as we walked down the aisle of the auditorium for the start of the program.

While in the Navy, I served on board the U.S.S. Hornet CVS 12 (1959-1960) and when we would pull into port, no matter where, there were always people who would line the dock and cheer. I knew there wasn’t anyone waiting especially for me in port, but I still enjoyed seeing the smiling, cheering crowd. As the Veterans were walking into the OHS auditorium, all the students and faculty stood, waved, and cheered for us. I felt for the first time that there was someone cheering for me. Way to go OHS! Thanks again for everyone involved with the Veterans Day program.
Raymond Bowman
Former PN: 2 US Navy