Quick-check voting guide:

Registration/absentee voting

Here’s a quick rundown on important information and dates to remember as the 2016 voting cycle approaches, beginning with the primary election March 1.

Registration deadlines
Feb. 13, for primary election March 1
March 28, for primary runoff April 12
Oct. 24, for general election Nov. 8.

You do not need to reregister for each election date unless your residence has changed or your name has changed ( e.g. through divorce) since you last voted. If you have moved into the county and not voted here before, you must register here before voting the first time.

Where/when to register

• when applying for or renewing your driver’s license

• at the board of registrars office in the basement of the courthouse

• at public libraries

• by mail-in form available from the probate office or board of registrars at the courthouse, or from public schools, or libraries

• at armed forces recruiting stations

• at state and local government offices when applying or recertifying for Aid to Dependent Children, SNAP, TANF, Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, or Rehabilitation Services.

Absentee voting

Absentee voting applications are available in Blount County Circuit Clerk Cindy Massey’s office, Room 208 in the courthouse. You may also obtain an application by calling that office at 625-4153 and requesting one be mailed to you. The application must be returned to the office in person by the voter – or must be received in the office, if mailed, with a postmark date of no later than Feb. 25.

Absentee ballots may also be obtained there beginning Jan. 6. (Ballots will be mailed to those requesting them, following application.

Dates to note

Jan. 6 first day to vote absentee

• Feb. 25 – last day to make application to vote absentee

• Feb. 29 – last day to hand deliver ballot (in person) to circuit clerk’s office, or it must be postmarked by this date if mailed

• March 1 – primary election day; last day for military personnel and U.S. citizens overseas to postmark absentee ballot

• April 11 – last day to postmark or hand deliver absentee ballot for runoff election.

Questions may be directed to Cindy Massey in Room 208 at the courthouse, or by phone at 625-4153.