Puckett wins $1,000 grant for Cleveland Elementary



Chris Puckett, guidance counselor at Cleveland Elementary School, was desperately looking for any grant to help her increase the technology at her school. Puckett began to get frustrated after weeks of receiving no word. Last Tuesday, Randy Walker, Cleveland Elementary’s principal, told Puckett he needed to speak with her about school business. He asked her to accompany him to the gym to help celebrate the school’s archery team. Puckett opened the door to more than 450 screaming students, teachers, and a news crew from Channel 42. Puckett won the “One Class at a Time” $1,000 grant sponsored by Little Caesar’s, Pepsi, America’s First Financial, and Channel 42 News.

“It was great,” stated Puckett.“I’m very overwhelmed and grateful. I keep thinking of what an impact it will have on the kids and how much they will love it.”

Puckett plans to use the money on Android tablets for the students. She hopes to buy 160 tablets to use for enrichment and intervention. The tablets will allow the students to S.T.A.R. test, a reading program for elementary students and other web-based programs and teachers will have access to the tablets to use in small and whole group settings. While thankful for the $1,000, Puckett plans to continue to look for future grants.