Protecting our roads

On October 18, 2012, I received a letter that was one of many sent to Blount County voters by the Alabama Forestry Association, which is an organization to protect loggers. The letter was received one day before the last election for State Representative.

The letter was written in derogatory terms towards honorable men in Blount County. The Association letter claims that it had to file a lawsuit against Blount County and her citizens because Blount County imposed weight limits on Blount County roads and required the logging operations be bonded. A bond being like insurance to pay for road repair if the logger damages the roads.

I called the Association and was informed by the Association that the real complainant is the person who recently bought 3,200 acres of land along the Locust Fork River that the Birmingham Water Works got from Blount County citizens years ago for a water reservoir that was never built.

My investigation indicates that, if the allegations of the Alabama Forestry Association are true, we owe thanks to our elected officials in Blount County for standing up to powerful, wealthy land owners who seem to think they can do as they please with Blount County roads and rules.

The letter mentions Allen Armstrong and David Standridge by name. I thank David and Allen and believe we should all be grateful for their efforts to protect Blount County roads.

I question the Association Director, Thomas J. Saunders, about the timing of the letter and although he denied “political timing” he said the lawsuit has been pending for one year and it is curious that the letter was received one day before the last voting.

Roy M. Johnson III