Proposed additional town park

Cleveland Town Council

The Cleveland Town Council met last Thursday. Mayor Jerry Jones led off with the announcement that B&B Landfill, Inc. had withdrawn its application for the new tire landfill off Hazelrig Road. Jones cautioned that the company could reapply in the future.

Jones informed the council the change in the town hall’s business hours seems to have gone over very well, but did present one issue. The change extended the work hours of town hall employees Monday through Thursday, giving them Fridays off. This worked well, according to Jones, until the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is already an official town holiday. To correct the problem, the council agreed to give each employee a paid personal day off, also known as a floater day, during the year.

Jones posed the idea of an additional town park that would encompass the pond the town owns. He outlined several positive reasons for the project, which included a nice place near the water to put picnic tables, a great place for kids to fish, and another walking track around the pond. He said there were grants available for green spaces, and the town might qualify for one. Jones said there was no obligation to look into it, and he would only do so if there were no objections from other council members. Councilmen Doug Hill and Tommy Swindle both said they thought it might be a good idea. “Recreation draws families,” Swindle said. The mayor said he would report back when he had more information.

Jones said the new storage building at the park that had been previously authorized by the council was almost completed. One use will be storage of Christmas lights when they are taken down after the holiday. Utilities superintendent Steve Pass said he would need material to construct hangers for the lights. The council unanimously agreed to allow him to spend up to $500 to do so.

Jones said that after the building went up, water accumulated outside it and formed a large mud hole. He presented the council with an estimate of $575 from Adams Building Company for a 14’x10’x4” concrete slab to correct the problem. The council authorized the expenditure unanimously.

Jones said Marshall County Gas Company contacted the town and asked if it would have need of the large pipe the company formerly used to carry its product across the old U.S. 231 bridge. The gas company now has another pipe running under the Locust Fork River at that point. Jones and Pass said at some point the town would need to get more water to customers who live north of the bridge, and the pipe in place could act as a casing for a six-inch or even an eight-inch pipe. After some discussion, the council voted to accept the pipe, which has yet to be removed. Town attorney Alex Smith was directed to send letters to Marshall County Gas and the county commission accepting responsibility for the pipe.

The council voted without dissent to purchase a new document scanner for town hall at a cost of $595.

Finally, the mayor noted that Michele Sanders has been an employee of the town for 10 years and was due a merit raise of $1 an hour. All members voted for the raise.

The council is composed of the mayor and councilmen James Bynum, Sherry White, Hill, Swindle, and James Sullivan. All were present. The council’s regular meeting is the second Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at the town hall.