Produce report

Cantaloupes are available at Copeland Farms. -Janet Dooley

Cantaloupes are available at Copeland Farms. -Janet Dooley

Allman Farm and Orchard*
6866 County Highway 29,
Tomatoes; grape tomatoes; cantaloupes;
canary melons; hot and sweet peppers;
corn; Alabama red potatoes; peaches;
squash; cucumbers; green beans; local

Baswell Farms
2174 County Highway 12,
Squash; pickling cucumbers (box or
basket); bell, jalapeño, and poblano peppers; heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes
(box or basket)

Blount County Farmers Market*
500 New Street, Oneonta
Green and ripe tomatoes including
Straight Mountain, Big Boy, Goliath,
Parks Whopper, and Cherokee Purple;
cherry tomatoes; yellow and butternut
squash; new potatoes; onions; cucumbers; a variety of sweet and hot peppers
including Gypsy Hybrid sweet peppers;
Louisiana Purple pole beans; Malibu
green beans; pink eye purple hull peas;
corn; eggplant; okra; cantaloupes;
blackberries; blueberries; peaches; watermelons

Copeland Farms
205 Cliff Springs Road, Oneonta
Straight Mountain tomatoes; grape
tomatoes; Malibu stringless green beans;
bell, Serrano, cow horn, banana, jalapeño, and hot peppers; yellow crookneck
squash; cucumbers; cantaloupes

Faulkner Produce
3614 County Highway 1, Oneonta
Blount County tomatoes; green and ripe

plums; peaches; cantaloupes; seeded and
seedless watermelons including sugar
babies; zucchini and yellow crookneck
squash; Malibu green beans; pink eye
purple hull peas; bell, jalapeño, sweet
and hot banana, and cow horn peppers;
okra; local honey

Hazelrig Orchard
64235 U.S. Highway 231,
Yellow crookneck squash; zucchini;
cucumbers; ripe and green tomatoes;
okra; sweet banana, bell, jalapeño, and
cow horn peppers; Sun Haven peaches;
cantaloupes; local honey

McCray’s Old Field Farm
3142 State Highway 132, Oneonta
Due to rain, please call for availability
of produce. The store has a variety of
herbal and medicinal teas and salves
including corn tassel, chamomile, fever
few, and dried mint teas. Some salves
can be used for both people and animals.

Snead Produce
801 Second Avenue East, Oneonta
and Intersection of Ala 75 and U.S.
278, Snead
Yellow crookneck and zucchini squash;
cucumbers; Rattlesnake green beans;
tomatoes; Silver Queen corn; cabbage;
cantaloupes; pink eye purple hull peas;
tomatoes; peaches; bell, sweet banana,
and jalapeño peppers

Whited Farm Produce
321 First Avenue East, Oneonta
Seeded watermelons; squash; zucchini;
cucumbers; jalapeño, banana, cow horn,
and bell peppers; red potatoes; cherry,
red, and green tomatoes; Rattlesnake
green beans; corn; pink eye purple hull
peas; eggplant

*Accepts Farmers Market Nutrition Program certificates