Produce report

This week’s edition will feature the last produce report for 2021; however, some local farmers/ vendors will remain open for several more weeks and will offer a variety of fall crops. To get an updated list of what is available, be sure to check out their Facebook pages or cut this article out and use it to reference phone numbers for the listed vendors. Each vendor appreciates the support of citizens as they strive to provide fresh and local produce each year.

Allman Farm and Orchard*
6866 County Highway 29,
Ghost and jalapeño peppers; grape tomatoes; apples; local honey; local beef.
Allman Farm and Orchard will be open
through the third week of October. They
will have a variety of fall crops available.

Blount County Farmers Market*
500 New Street, Oneonta
Be sure to check the Blount County
Farmers Market Facebook page for updates on vendors/products available each
Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

Faulkner Produce
3614 County Highway 1, Oneonta
Pumpkins; gourds; tomatoes; yellow and
zucchini squash; watermelons; red and
sweet potatoes; jalapeño and banana
peppers; local hay; local mums.
Faulkner Produce will remain open
Wednesday through Saturday and will
be adding turnip greens to their selection
within the next few weeks.

Hazelrig Orchard*
64235 U.S. Highway 231,
Fuji, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious,
Ozark Gold, and Gala apples; Asian
pears; sweet and red potatoes; watermelons; cantaloupes; acorn and butternut
squash; green and ripe tomatoes; local
Hazelrig Orchard will remain open

through Nov. 15 (and maybe through
Thanksgiving) and will offer a wide
assortment of pumpkins, gourds, and
mums beginning later this month. They
will also be picking Rome, Granny
Smith, Arkansas Black, and Yates apples in the near future.

McCray’s Old Field Farm
3142 State Highway 132, Oneonta
New batch of muscadine, kudzu, and
elderberry jelly; pear preserves; variety
of herbal salves and teas with herbs
grown and dried on the farm; fresh pork
While McCray’s Old Field Farm will
not have specific fall crops, they are open
year round with homegrown herbal and
all-natural products.

Snead Produce
801 Second Avenue East, Oneonta
and Intersection of Ala 75 and
U.S. 278, Snead
Muscadines (gold and purple); watermelons; squash; cucumbers; cantaloupes;
tomatoes; okra.
Snead Produce will have turnip and collard greens, winter cabbage, and winter
squash available soon.

Whited Farm Produce
321 First Avenue East, Oneonta
Seeded yellow-, orange-, and red-meat
watermelons; cantaloupes; squash;
zucchini; cucumbers; jalapeño, banana,
cow horn, and bell peppers; red potatoes;
cherry, red, and green tomatoes; Rattlesnake green beans; corn; pink eye purple
hull peas; eggplant

*Accepts Farmers Market Nutrition Program certificates