Produce report



Allman Farm and Orchard*
6866 County Highway 29,
Cantaloupes; eggplant; tomatoes; grape
tomatoes; bell, Poblano, and sweet
banana peppers; variety of hot peppers;
squash; local honey; local beef

Blount County Farmers Market*
500 New Street, Oneonta
As summer produce is playing out, vendors have less local products available;
therefore, fewer vendors, and sometimes
none, are selling at the market. Word is
however that several farmers are concentrating on their fall/winter gardens and
may soon be back at the market with fall

Hazelrig Orchard*
64235 U.S. Highway 231,
Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Ozark
Gold, and Gala apples; Asian pears;
sweet potatoes; watermelons; ripe tomatoes; yellow squash; variety of peppers;
cucumbers; okra; sorghum; local honey

McCray’s Old Field Farm
3142 State Highway 132, Oneonta
Strawberry fig preserves; lemon balm
dried tea; catnip tea; aloe vera soap;
persimmon, kudzu, blueberry, grape,
and apple jelly; elderberry syrup and tea;
dried kudzu and dried corn tassel tea;
all-natural bug repellent

Snead Produce
801 Second Avenue East, Oneonta
and Intersection of Ala 75 and
U.S. 278, Snead
Muscadines (gold and purple); watermelons; squash; cucumbers; cantaloupes;
tomatoes; okra

Whited Farm Produce
321 First Avenue East, Oneonta
Seeded yellow-, orange-, and red-meat
watermelons; cantaloupes; squash;
zucchini; cucumbers; jalapeño, banana,
cow horn, and bell peppers; red potatoes;
cherry, red, and green tomatoes; Rattlesnake green beans; corn; pink eye purple
hull peas; eggplant

*Accepts Farmers Market Nutrition Program certificates