Powell named paramedic of the year



Blount EMS operations manager Weslie Powell was named 2018 Paramedic of the Year at the annual BREMSS banquet held Nov. 13. The award is given to EMS personnel who demonstrate excellence through a specific incident or in general operations for providing consistent and outstanding patient care.

Powell, who “officially retired” from full-time employment more than two years ago, did not quit working. He has since taught EMS classes at Wallace State and served as interim director for Blount EMS before once again entering the workforce full-time. “When you have a passion for something, it’s not really work.”

EMS is now fully staffed and able to meet the needs of the community. Powell is proud they are able to offer mutual aid to other departments.

Blount County Fire and EMS association chairman John Head said Powell’s nomination came because he stepped up as operations manager, is always available to try and meet community needs, and is proactive in providing community education classes for EMS providers. According to Head, Powell mentors younger EMS providers and has always tried to provide quality, high-level care throughout his career.

Powell began his tenure with Blount County EMS in 1992. He was the first Dallas/Selfville paramedic.