Powell faces charge

An incident involving two drivers in Locust Fork late in the afternoon on May 31 has resulted in the arrest of Weslie Ray Powell, 60, a member of the Locust Fork town council.

According to an affidavit sworn to by a 30-year-old Trafford woman, she was driving on County Road 15 and being followed “extremely close,” by a vehicle she later learned was driven by Powell. She said she slowed down in the hope the vehicle would back off, but instead Powell turned on a siren. She said she stopped, thinking it was the police; however, Powell drove around her and continued on.

She said she followed him to the Locust Fork Fire and Rescue building where they both parked. At that point, she alleged Powell exited his vehicle pointing a handgun at her car. Her four children were in the car with her, she said.

In a statement to a Blount County Sheriff’s deputy, who had seen the two vehicles earlier and followed them to the fire department, Powell said the woman “had been following him and driving crazy.” According to the deputy’s report, Powell said he had a sidearm drawn when he exited the vehicle because he “did not know what she was doing.” The report went on to say that Powell said he holstered the weapon when he realized there were children in the car.

Powell declined to comment other than to say, “The truth will come out in court.”

Powell was arrested June 12 after the other driver signed an arrest warrant for the charge of impersonating a public servant, a class C misdemeanor that in Alabama is punishable by up to three months in jail and/or a fine of no more than $500. The case is scheduled for a bench trial before Circuit Judge Steven King on Nov. 6.