Poll responders ‘care a lot’

All the readers who responded to the newspaper’s poll on Oneonta’s empty business buldings agree downtown Oneonta is dying and all say they “care a lot.”

These changes are suggested: • more/better parking • more flowers • parking for handicapped • more/better sales • clean up/renovate stores • better signage to business district • major downtown anchor store • more diversity to target all ages • targeted marketing and sales • recruit new businesses • downtown grocery store • downtown sports bar • men’s clothing store • good children’s store • more antique stores

• stores to fill empty buildings

More name the city as the agency to lead change than any other, followed with equal support for the chamber of commerce, downtown property owners, and a task force of experts/leaders/citizens.

An overwhelming percentage think downtown revitalization is possible. About a third think chances of something being done to address the problems are good. More than half think it would be moderately difficult to revitalize downtown, and almost all think it would be worth the effort.