Police pursuit disrupts bus routes

On Monday, two school buses – one from Cleveland and one from Hayden – were kept off their routes due to a police pursuit on county road 45, according to Blount County Supt. Jim Carr.

“County road 45 is where the Cleveland and Hayden routes interconnect,” said Carr. “We made a decision to not send our children to that area to go home. The schools then worked with those students to call their parents to pick them up from school.”

According to Captain Pat Thomas with the Blount County Sheriff ’s Department, the incident began at 9:30 a.m. after a burglary on county road 45 in the Orchard Circle subdivision. Upon the responding deputy’s arrival, a woman attempted to evade officers in a vehicle but was apprehended on Ala 160.

A man fled on foot and has yet to be captured, but Thomas says he has been identified. State helicopters and additional K-9 units were brought in to look for the man, and the search continued until 8 p.m., according to Thomas.

Stolen items were recovered in the vehicle, according to Thomas.