People still do the right thing

On Saturday, Sept. 22, outside a store in Gadsden, I lost my wallet. I didn’t notice until nearly an hour later, at a shoe store across town. Of course, I panicked! I searched the store, my car, the area around where I had parked and everywhere in between frantically.

I returned to the store where I had been previously, only to be told no one had turned in a wallet. I went into the other stores in the shopping center and even searched the parking lot to no avail. My wallet was gone.

I returned to the shoe store to give them my phone number just in case someone found my wallet and turned it in. About that time, my cell phone rang. On the other line was a couple who told me they had found my wallet! They offered to mail it to me, but I was able to meet them to collect my lost wallet.

They were so kind when I met them and explained that someone had broken into their house earlier, stealing their things. The woman told me she knew what it was like to lose your things, like your driver’s license and debit card, so she wanted to make sure I got mine back.

I was so thankful! I called them back to get their address so that I could send them a proper thank you and was surprised to see they had an Oneonta address.

I would like to again thank the Hernandez family for showing me such kindness on Saturday. I would like to also thank them for restoring my faith in humanity and showing me that there are still people out there willing to do the right thing.

Natalie Fleming