People of Blount County: Laney Price

Sometimes it takes time to find out just what your niche is in life. This holds true for Laney Price, this week’s People of Blount County.  After graduating from Oneonta High School in 2016, Laney obtained her general education certificate from Wallace State Community College.  During her two years there, she could just never find that one professional direction she was most interested in pursuing; therefore, she has worked in a variety of professions over the past few years including dental assistant, pharmacy technician, baker, and barista.  

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, Laney had a lot of down time.  This down time afforded her an opportunity to begin baking like she had always wanted to do, but never had the time. Baking French style loaves of bread gave her great satisfaction and she discovered sourdough to be her specialty. But, she also takes pride in her scone recipe.

She is currently the barista at Sweetie’s Coffee, which is located inside Sweetie’s Place in Oneonta. This has given her the opportunity to utilize some of her baking skills.  Each Saturday morning Laney creates the delicious cinnamon rolls and banana bread served in conjunction with the breakfast bar.  While it may not be the time at this point in her life, it may very well be the beginning of Laney’s future dream to open her very own bakery.

In the mean time, though, Laney is moving toward a career in real estate and will take her real estate licensure test on Aug. 9.  She and her dad have been taking the classes together.  She plans to start out selling residential real estate and then see what the future holds in the real estate world. She has set herself some goals and expects to meet or exceed those goals. 

Laney is excited about selling homes.  Although it will take some time to get established, this is a new chapter in her life, and she welcomes the opportunity with open arms. Plus, if she happens to find a little, old house that can be brought to life, it will bring even more joy to her heart.  Laney has always loved seeing old houses and envisioning the potential it has once it is brought back to life with a little TLC. 

Married to Blake Price, the ministering coordinator at Anchor’s Church, Laney spends much of her time outside of work at the church helping as needed and spending time in worship.  Laney and Blake love to kayak when time and the weather allows them to.  They also enjoy spending time with their new puppy Anakin, a Heinz 57, who was named after the Star Wars character Anakin Skywalker.  Even with a new puppy, they are careful not to forget fat boy Gus, their Siberian cat.  Both animals are rescues and loved dearly in their “furever” home.

And yes, Laney and Blake are Star Wars nerds. She admits they love to “geek out.”  Laney even has a tattoo of R2D2 and C3PO on her arm.  She is a huge fan of Ben Solo.  And although Laney doesn’t have a plethora of Star Wars items, she is on the hunt for a neopixel light saber, which has powerful LED lights that go along the blade itself, making it brighter and more radiant.  She enjoys watching all of the Star Wars movies, but especially loves the videography in the most recent movies.  Laney hopes to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World Resort soon.

Born and raised in Blount County, Laney’s parents divorced when she was young.  She is proud of her heritage.  Her granddaddy, Johnny Towns, was a U.S. Marshal for several years and helped develop the witness program that is still being used today.  Her great grandfather, Dr. Towns, was the first doctor in Blount County, and he founded the first hospital in the county as well.

But, the biggest influence in her life after her parents divorced was her papa, Roger Love.  He helped Laney grow in her faith with games, quizzes, and especially reading.  He was dyslexic; therefore, reading was very important to him. 

Laney has great memories of spending a lot of time with her Papa Love and them tending to the farm animals together. If she had to opportunity to choose, she would leap directly into her ultimate dream of living on a farm, raising children, and baking bread.  Then she could enjoy some  of the Earthly things she loves the most.  But until that dream becomes a reality, Laney will continue on life’s journey and enjoy every opportunity that is afforded to her.