People of Blount County: Jenifer Loggins

The last six months for Jenifer Loggins, today’s People of Blount County, has been a whirlwind.  Not only has she continued with her daily wife, mommy, and employment obligations, Jenifer has self-published two books of poetry.  Her first book hit the market in December and her second book became available earlier this month.

Jenifer, who has been writing poetry since she was a child, remembers her grandmother always reading poetry to her and credits her grandmother for instilling in her a love for poetry.  During the fifth grade, Jenifer attended the Young Author’s Conference, which fueled her love of writing even more.

Working as a part-time nurse through the COVID pandemic has been an emotional time for Jenifer, as she carries a lot of empathy for people.  Writing has always been an outlet for her, and in 2020 she once again turned to writing for that much needed emotional outlet. 

Because Jenifer had never considered herself a writer and not sure how others would accept her poetry, she would previously write poems and then hide them from others (even her husband).  But during the past few months, Jenifer stepped out of her comfort zone and showed a few friends a sample of her writings.  Those friends encouraged her to take her writings to the next level, as they believed the poems could possibly help others who are struggling with issues in life. 

And with that encouragement, she took a leap of faith and published her first book, titled “To Have Learned,” in December 2020.  It encompasses many emotions such as depression and heartache and teaches one how to grow from those struggles, as well as helping people discover their own personal strengths.  When reading the poems, readers may recognize a couple of local references, including Mardis Mills and Whipporwill Creek.

But her writings did not stop there.  Just four months later, Jenifer published her second book titled “To Everything.”  Being a huge lover of nature, “To Everything” focuses around nature, life, and seasons.  In fact, the front cover has a quote that is near and dear to Jenifer.  It simply says, “Nature is life, and life is merely fleeting seasons.”

Throughout the book, Jenifer uses the comparisons of the seasons to moments in life.  Winter is referenced as sad times, while the summer season is referenced as happier times.  She believes that these writings can help others discover personal growth and beauty from within, as well as discovering how strong they are.

Because Jenifer believes that nature can be very healing for the spirit, she used this thought as her inspiration for the book.  Several places, including Straight Mountain, sets the tone of how much of the natural beauty God created within Blount County can offer somewhat of an emotional healing nature, if allowed.

Jenifer has lived in Blount County all of her life and she has had the joy of witnessing God’s beauty abundantly.  To her, it is a blessing to have such beautiful sights to enjoy on a daily basis.  It may occur as she is driving to work or when she is simply out and about enjoying nature.

Growing up in the Susan Moore community, Jenifer graduated from Susan Moore High School in 2002.  She became a registered nurse after graduating from the Wallace State Community College nursing program in 2005.  Now residing in Oneonta, she is married and has three children.  The family attends worship at Oneonta Church of Christ.

Anyone interested in purchasing Jenifer’s books can do so through Amazon.  Will there be a third book?  Jenifer is not sure, but as a person of faith, she will follow God’s lead.  Until her next path is laid out, Jenifer is extremely thankful for those who encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone.