People of Blount County: Cassie Painter

“If you can’t find me, I’m at the ballpark.” 

Cassie Painter, today’s People of Blount County, says these words are so true, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Cassie and her husband Darryl have two children who are involved in sports year round.  She estimates that 90 percent of her free time is spent at a sports venue/complex.

Whether it is watching her children play or helping out in whatever capacity is necessary, Cassie loves being involved.  She is very involved at Cleveland High School.  She serves on the athletic booster board, helps feed the athletes before games during the week, sells advertising signage for the various sports programs, and is in charge of the reserved seating for the football games.

Cassie believes when it comes to her children, it is extremely important to help where she is needed.  According to Cassie, others may say she likes to be in charge, but what she really wants is to make sure that whatever assignment is given to her that she does it to the best of her ability.

While life at the ball field is a norm for Cassie and family, there is one thing that most who attend games do not have to worry with – feeding their children.  With concession stands and fast food readily available, people simply get what they need through these accesses.

But for Cassie, meals and snack life at the ball field begins at home.  Both of her children have Type I diabetes.  Her daughter, now 18, was diagnosed at age 7.  She has had an insulin pump since she was about 8 years old.  Recently her son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes also and, at this point, takes insulin shots.

Because it is important to keep up with carbohydrate count to keep the diabetes under control, grabbing something at the concession stand or drive-thru isn’t the best option for her children; therefore, Cassie makes sure to pack a cooler to take along with the other necessities so that both children have healthier options.  It is more work, but it is what is best.

Prior to her daughter being diagnosed 11 years ago, there was no previous history of diabetes in the family.  Their life was literally changed overnight.  Cassie is grateful for the wonderful support system they have had over the years to get them through the challenges.

Cassie grew up in Pinson.  While attending Pinson High School, she, too, was involved in sports.  Cassie was a cheerleader and played on the school softball team.  After meeting her husband, she moved to Blount County.  The family currently resides on the property next to where her husband grew up.

We all knew growing up that there was one house that children flocked to.  Cassie says, “I’m that house.”  She strives to make sure her home is a safe haven for children to go to.  That makes her heart happy knowing that not only her children’s friends feel safe and secure there, but the friend’s parents as well.

Cassie insists that her life is pretty boring, but is happy with where she is in life.  With her son now 16, Cassie is beginning to think about life after graduation and sports.  Like many, she is unsure what is in store for she and her husband as they become “empty nesters.”  Maybe more trips to the beach or the mountains, as these are some past times Cassie thoroughly enjoys.  But whatever it is, she will embrace the future.

If there is one thing Cassie wants to say to people, it is to spend as much time with family as possible and don’t take them for granted.

To Cassie, family is everything.