Pat Bryant

Pat Bryant

Pat Bryant

Age: 39

Born in/resides in: Born in Oneonta, resides in Oneonta

Family details: Married to Lisa Elrod Bryant with four children: Kala, 26; Kara, 21; Levi, 20; and Jayse, 8 Education:

Graduated Appalachian High School 1992. Attended Wallace State Community College. Graduated Jefferson County Sheriff’s Academy, 1999. Graduated Calhoun Community College 2007 with barbering degree. Work background

•worked in road construction, various coal mining jobs, and city and county law enforcement

•also worked for Frank Hollis and Associates (in

Oneonta) and Loomis and Fargo armored car service
•began working as a barber in Oneonta in 2006
•currently owns and operates Sculptur Room
Barber Shop

Qualifications for job of county commissioner
•experience of owning business is preparation to
make important financial decisions
•experience in law enforcement teaches courtesy and
fair treatment dealing with individuals

Why do you want the job?
“… because serving people is what I love to do. I have
served you as a School Resource Officer and a D.A.R.E.
officer teaching children about the dangers of substance
abuse. I want my children and yours to grow up in the
wonderful place I have always called home. I know that
working together we can make it even better.”

Candidate’s statement to voters

“I enjoy being a barber, but I miss serving the people… If you want a commissioner who will always respect you, who will always call you back and will always treat your money like it is your money, then vote for me. I want Blount Countians to be able to answer the question ‘What does a commissioner do?’ with more than ‘they fix roads.’ We can make Blount County a prosperous place to live and raise families if we work together, but if we stay divided, it sadly will get worse. Let me serve you with a servant’s heart.”