Part 2 to Citizens of Locust Fork

“What has your town council done for you?” Lets talk about the park.

In the article I wrote last month, of course for everything I pointed out Mr. Powell had the perfect response. But I still was not impressed. As far as the park, in my opinion it should be self-supporting. In the Feb. 9 meeting the Softball League addressed the town council and presented a way to improve a drainage problem. The council moved to allow this problem to be fixed if the Softball League paid for it out of their money. Which as far as I know has been fixed. Now does that sound like the town council was out any money? What happens to all the donations that different ones give to the park? Maybe you should send out letters to anyone who uses the park to give a donation just for the park. Don’t tax the town people when most don’t use it. My husband and I paid our dues when our children played at the park.

We never had a problem with vandals going and breaking the sinks and toilets. As you say the critical issue in the park is the restrooms. have read all the minutes since January of this year and during my research I found that one of the parents very well known in the community, Gregg Armstrong, a spokesperson for the parents of the Locust Fork Softball League players, gave concerns before the council. During this time he also asked permission to find grants to renovate the bathrooms and he would be in charge to make sure it was completed and done right. He is a parent and what better person to have done this. I believe he has the knowledge to do this and with great success. Of course he was turned down. The council wants be over the park and choose and pick who does what then let them pay for it. Why should my hard earned money go to a project that could have been completed and done right and would have cost everyone who used the park not just the town people.

In the meeting Feb. 9, it was also in the minutes that the council took bids for Landscaping and Maintenance. They were to look at the bids and pick the lowest responsible bid. They picked Grass is Greener with a bid of $19,650. This was the second lowest bid. People, this is where your money is going. What happened to the parents of the ones who had kids who play ball at the park doing the work? We did. We had work days and did it. Are the parents too lazy these days? I know most of them and I don’t think any of them to be lazy. They don’t love their children any less and I bet the children would even want to help. Sounds to me like that money could go to something else. If you are a parent I hope this doesn’t offend you. I have worked with children all my adult life and all they need is love and attention. They don’t need a big fancy place.

Thought you might want a peek at what the town had to work with from the people in the Town of Locust Fork.

Current Assets total as of May 31, 2010. General Fund $5,959.10 General Fund Money Mkt. 257,872.37 Fuel Tax MM Checking 6,359.46 Fuel Tax CD 5,299.72 General Fund CD #1 105,791.42 General Fund CD #2 105,791.42

General Fund CD #3 51,276.22

Don’t think this is over I intend to get you up to date on what everyone has missed and I only hope it will make you want to keep a closer eye on the Locust Fork Town Council. Any one who would like to help me with my research please call me 681-8671. Make sure you mark your calendar and be at the meeting Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010, @ 6 p.m. at the town hall. Let your council know you care and intend to speak out against these new taxes they have imposed on you the members of The Town of Locust Fork. If you agree or disagree with me let me know. Come on people make some noise. I feel if we come together and agree we can make enough noise that the council will have to do something different. They need to stop spending money on things they don’t need. Hope to hear from you soon.

Robin Quinn

Locust Fork