Parade float for home-schoolers

Diana Hamby and daughter, Myka Hamby

Diana Hamby and daughter, Myka Hamby

Organizers of the Veterans Day parade in Oneonta are calling on area public schools to enter floats in the Nov. 8 event. And why not include the numerous home-schooled students?

Diana Hamby home-schools her daughter and thinks the inclusion of other students like Myka would enrich their total educational experience. Home-schoolers already engage in most of the extracurricular activities that public school students enjoy, but it is usually on an individual basis. Diana believes a common project involving other home-schooled students and parents would benefit Myka, as well as others who would participate.

The theme of this year’s parade is “Veterans – America’s Heroes.” Since patriotism is one basic tenet in most homeschool curricula, Diana believes many such students would like to participate in the parade.

She is inviting any home-school parents who would like to meet and discuss entering a float or vehicle in the parade to phone her at (205) 466-3984.