Outgoing Blountsville mayor lists accomplishments

The main topic of the Oct. 20 meeting of the Blountsville town council turned to outgoing council members thanking their supporters and campaign workers. It was the last meeting of the mayor and all council members. Some declined to run for reelection, some resigned to run for other seats, and some were defeated.

The council did approve a measure that would allow residents living in flood planes to purchase government-backed flood insurance. They also approved appointments of Billy Vaughn and Pat Brooks Merrit to the Planning Board, and accepted Marie Gray’s resignation from the Industrialization Board.

Speaking last, Mayor Bob Sharpe said, “It has been an honor and a privilege for me to serve as mayor for these four years. There have been bad times and good times, but through it all, I am proud of our many accomplishments.”

The accomplishments he talked about were:

•Completion of the park grant that was begun by a previous administration.

•A fleet of new police cruisers to replace all of the badly worn and unsafe ones.

•A $450,000 grant to complete the first phase of the sewer upgrade.

•Completion of the new sidewalk grant.

•More than $200,000 in grants for a new fire truck and equipment.

•Securing a grant to complete the second phase of the sewer upgrade.

•Purchase of one new dump truck.

•Gaining approval recently of a $250,000 grant to rebuild the town’s swimming pool.

Sharpe added, “The one thing I regret most about my term as mayor was not being able to unite the different factions in our town, and stop the constant bickering among them.”

Finally, Sharp rebutted what he described as half-truths and outright lies used against him in the last campaign. “The town’s debt is not $990,000 but rather $670,000. I never advocated raising taxes as some said. Some of my opposition was saying the interest rate on the new police cars was nine percent. Actually, the rate was 4.4 percent.

“I said at the beginning of my first campaign, and I repeated it as I began this last one, ‘I will never resort to lies to win any election.’ I haven’t, and I never will.”