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Blount County the Beautiful

With the arrival of spring, our senses are aware of the fresh green hues of new vegetation, animal courtship, and spring cleaning as our world prepares for new life. It is a perfect time of year to birth some new habits. Why not a personal campaign to make Blount County beautiful again? I know Blount County has always been beautiful, but if you look around, you will see that we have room for improvement. Good idea?

What first comes to my mind when I think of how to make our county beautiful is trash pickup. There are already some organized clean ups happening in our county. Some high schools have had their own campus cleanups with emphasis on recycling. Some groups, like Friends of the Locust Fork River (www.flfr.org), have organized cleanups for years. The State of Alabama has an organized yearly cleanup. Its success is well documented. The 2018 Alabama PALS Spring Cleanup reported over 600 tons of collected trash! Are you familiar with PALS and their 2019 “Don’t Drop it on Alabama” spring cleanup?

People Against a Littered State (PALS), www.alpals.org, has been organized as a 501c(3) non-profit organization since 1987 and is dedicated to providing and implementing anti-litter programs on a statewide basis. With the help of some big national and local sponsors, they are able to provide materials and supplies at no charge to participating local groups.

Every April numerous county PALS chapters organize local cleanups in friendly competition with each other. Blount County PALS cleanup is April 21 through April 28. There are designated dumpsters in each of the four commission districts in the county. I think there is still time for your group to register for some competitive trash pickup. Go to Facebook and look for Blount County Landfill for more information.

It may be too late for you to organize your group, organization, church, community, etc. to compete in the county-wide PALS cleanup this year, but make yourself a note to do it next year. If you know someone in the Blount County Master Gardeners, ask them for some tips on how to win PALS cleanup contest. They may not tell you any secrets, but I am sure they will explain to you why they think it is so important to participate. They, along with many other organizations, are all about Blount County the Beautiful.

I challenge you, your organization, business, school, and church to make a difference. Just start by keeping trash picked up on the road in front of your house or at the stream crossing just down the road where you swim or fish. Once you get a cleanup into a monthly routine, you may want to contact PALS to sign on to their Adopt-A-Mile or Adopt-A-Stream Program.

Let us all start NOW to make Blount County beautiful again! We can do it!