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Every litter bit hurts

People Against a Littered State (PALS) kicked off their statewide 2021 Spring Cleanup on April 1st. Blount County already has neighbors organizing themselves to pick up the trash on the roads bordering their properties. A group including children in Locust Fork organized a cleanup at the Calvert Prong River crossing on County Highway 33. It was mamas and papas setting a good example for their children. I understand some townships are organizing volunteers to pick up trash within their city limits.

Our county commission is doing their part to help us participate in the Blount County PALS Spring Cleanup. Right now each of the commission district shops have the PALS trash bags ready for pick up. You can pick up trash bags and register your neighborhood group, organization, church, etc. during shop hours Monday through Friday. A PALS trash dumpster will be available April 16-26 at each district shop. If you pick up trash outside the April 16-26 period, call your county commissioner for help and to make plans for disposal of the trash-filled PALS bags.

District 1
Allen Armstrong 205-446-2569
District 2
Chad Trammell 205-446-1419
District 3
Dean Calvert 205-493-1742
District 4
Nick Washburn 205-625-3473

If you see litter that needs to be picked up, but you are unable to organize a group of volunteers to do it, contact the Blount County Sherriff’s Department (correctional facility) for help. They are willing and ready to assist cleaning up the county roads. You can go to their Facebook Messenger or call 205-625-4133 ext. 2 to request litter pick up and leave the location to be put on their list of area cleanups (i.e. Swann Covered Bridge Road between bridge and Ala 79).

However, the most effective thing you and I can do to make Blount County beautiful is keep the trash off our roads. Make sure the mostly empty grocery bag thrown into the truck bed will not blow out onto the road. Wait until you get home to discard into your kitchen trash can the Styrofoam cup, plastic straw, and the foil catsup wrappers.

Better yet, recycle all that can be recycled so it can be repurposed. If that foam cup and straw ends up in the landfill or in the bushes on the road, it will take 200-400 years to biodegrade. The aluminum foil packaging will never completely biodegrade. The City of Oneonta has installed recycling dumpsters at 115 Jack Fendley Drive. Albertville Boaz Recycling Center will even take your clean glass bottles and jars.

Thursday, April 22, is Earth Day 2021 and right in the middle of the county commission’s PALS Spring Cleanup. Be sure to clean up a trashy eye-sore area in your community on that day. Be a good neighbor. Be a good example for your children. Make sure you discuss “why” you want to help keep Blount County beautiful. Blount County is our home. Let’s treat it like home. Every litter bit hurts!