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A walk in the woods

Thank goodness 2020 is gone!

I welcomed 2020 with a champagne toast and expectations it would be a very good year. I anticipated it to be an “I can see clearly now the rain is gone” year. You know… 20/20 vision… 2020 year. I wanted it to be a bigger and better year.

BUT, boy was I wrong. It may have been bigger, but it surely was not better. Shortly into 2020 it was obvious something was going on that would be life changing; a pandemic directly affecting our country. Who in the world would have thought that? We asked, “What is a Coronavirus COVID-19?”

A few weeks ago my best friend Susan and I welcomed a new year as usual, but with more enthusiasm. Maybe the enthusiasm was more about good riddance to a disappointing and scary 2020 than the intro of 2021. We stayed home due to the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines, but the two of us had a blast. Susan even said she thought it was one of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations she has experienced.

We participated in Blount-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce’s New Year’s Eve in a Box. The dinners were deliciously prepared by Charlie B’s and reheated easily and perfectly. Grapes & Hops provided the optional champagne. We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered in the box there were party favors. We had hats, tiara, leis, beads, horns, etc. Happy New Year!

Looking back on 2020, it is easy to see what horrors it brought to our country and it is still causing problems for many, many people. However, there were some positives spinning off the life-changing COVID-19 effects. I will not list all of what I think are positives because you probably have already done that attempting to keep some peace of mind.

I will elaborate on one positive, though. Walking!

Since I was sheltering in place for most of 2020, home projects helped stave off the crazies, but walking helped me the most. I created a half-mile trail through my property that I walk every day. I quickly realized walking gives my mind time to unwind and escape whatever the morning news planted in my head. I now walk as often and as far as I feel like going.

Walking is really good therapy, particularly a walk in nature. I search out places to walk with my dog Pogo. Swann Covered Bridge is a favorite place, just as Horton Mill Covered Bridge is. There are several trails at Palisades Park that can be walked to give a person miles of therapeutic opportunity.

Many municipalities in our county have paved walking paths. That’s good, but take a walk in nature… a walk in the woods. Mary Davis said, “A walk in nature walks the soul back home.” Relax, breathe deep, calm your thoughts, and bathe yourself in nature. You, too, will discover a soulful therapy at no charge.