Out and About

Just a daydreamin’

I went fishing the other day. I needed an escape. There was too much COVID-19 in the news that was depressing me – especially about people not taking the pandemic seriously. I had just received news that a good friend had contracted COVID-19. Since his health was compromised already, he took all the health guidelines very seriously. As it turned out, a family member partied with friends during a holiday weekend, contracted COVID-19, and was an unknowing carrier. Now her granddaddy is sick.

A sad story. So… I went fishing.

It was a beautiful early morning with a lovin’ spoonful of sunshine coming through the trees. The Locust Fork was clearing up after an earlier rain, but still a bit dingy. Dingy water helps a person trick a fish into biting the hook. If you are a fisher-person, you know fish are pretty smart. You know… they swim in schools! But, at times, they can be quite gullible.

I put my canoe in the water and let the river carry me slowly downstream. I cast my lure at the bank… slowly reeled it in… and I did it again… and again. No luck. That happens to a lackadaisical fisherman like me, but I didn’t really care.

Being on the river with trees swaying in the summer breeze, the turtles sunning, birds singing, and the luck of the dragonflies was all I really needed. If I catch a fish, so be it.

When I made it to the next shoal, I paddled up river to do it all over again. I relaxed in my boat, mostly daydreaming, as it slowly made its way downstream. I was thinking about all kinds of things.

Mostly happy things like my grandson’s first birthday that month and the smiles on my daughter and son-in-law’s faces at the birthday party. Yes, we stood and sat six feet apart. There were not any hugs and kisses. Chances were not and will not be taken. I pondered how life must be changing for people trying to adapt to an unknown “new normal.”

I tied up to a tree that had fallen in the river and ate my ham ‘n cheese sandwich. I picked up a different fishing pole rigged with a bobber and hook. I put some of that ham on the hook and dropped it right below the boat.

Hey… do you know how to communicate with a fish? You drop it a line! Oh please, Sam!

So I sat there watching my bobber and humming the Andy Griffith Show theme song. BOOM! The bobber went under. I got a fish – a pan-size bream that I happily released to carry on life. It was one of those gullible fish I told you about. You know, sometimes a fish will fall for anything – hook, line, and sinker. Yep, I went fishing the other day! “… What a day for a daydreamin’ boy.”