Out and About

Do you want to win $200?

There has been so much going on in our world recently, I really do not know what to write about in this month’s column.

There is certainly more that can be said about the coronavirus cases being on the rise. According to what I see on my infrequent trips into the public domain, I sense many of us are tired of hearing about it. The guidelines dictated by the Centers for Disease Control seem to be falling on deaf ears now. It seems normal life has resumed at any cost.

I could write something about the protests in the streets and call to action in our backyard in response to reports of police brutality and racism. I really need to give those thoughts and my conversations with friends a rest. I will make my comment simple… why can’t we all live by the Golden Rule and mean it? Why can’t we end each conversation with WWJD?

Something dear to my heart is the trash accumulating on the highways and byways of Blount County. We live in The Garden not The Dump! People against a Littered State (PALS) addressed that last month with their call to action. No soapbox for that conversation this month.

How about Blount County – Awesome by Nature? I am always telling people how much our county has to offer. Since I found myself sheltering in place per Gov. Ivey’s coronavirus orders, I have had time on my hands to capture the county’s beauty and people. How you ask? By taking and entering photos into Friends of the Locust Fork River’s “Celebrating Farms and Woodlands of the Locust Fork River Watershed Art and Photo Contest!”

A photo or work of art could place in one of 12 different contest categories. If a picture wins, it could be a cash prize of $200, but second and third also win money.

I have a picture of an early morning fog hovering over the Locust Fork that may get submitted. I have a black and white photo of grandpa playing his dulcimer and grandma playing her spoons. Maybe I could take a photo of muskrat Suzie and muskrat Sam playing in an old corncrib… in Muskratland of course. I have some little hobbit characters that I thought about staging in front of a hole in a tree trunk that they might call “home.” You get the “picture.”

You could take a winning photograph. Most of the winners last year were taken with a smartphone. You just need to go to www.flfr.org to review the contest rules and learn how to enter your photo or art exhibit. You have time since the contest has been extended to July 31.

Your winning entry will be displayed in dozens of venues around the county. The chamber of commerce may just use it to help promote Blount County. You need to do it. Do you want to win $200?