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Be a steward of The Garden



I hate litter! Litter is so… trashy. You have seen how littered the roads are in front of your house and our county in general. Do you ever think about dedicating a little time each week or month to cleaning it up? Your effort and commitment would be rewarding and would not go unnoticed by your neighbors. Maybe the next month they will help you be a good neighbor… a good steward of The Garden.

For the last several years, Friends of the Locust Fork River (FLFR) has been leading clean ups at numerous locations in Blount County. With the help of many volunteers, we have picked up tons of trash. Much of the plastic, glass, and aluminum gets recycled. The rest of the collected trash ends up in landfills. FLFR’s goal is to keep our county’s litter out of our streams and wetlands. However, the trash reappears on the roadsides month after month. Frustrating, but just complaining about irresponsible people will not keep the roadsides clean.

PALS (People Against A Littered State) hates litter as much as I do. PALS is a statewide organization dedicated to making our state more beautiful by sponsoring citizen engaged programs focusing on cleaning up litter in Alabama’s streets, streams, campuses, and coastlines. Each county has a PALS membership/sponsor through the Association of County Commissions of Alabama. Along with other dedicated sponsors, Alabama Department of Transportation, ALFA, Coca-Cola, Alabama Farmers Co-op, and others want a place “we” are proud to show visitors to our state.