Other municipalities mull alcohol ruling implications

Oneonta isn’t the only municipality affected by the recent court ruling paving the way for alcohol referenda in Blount County. All municipalities in the county with a population of 1000 or more qualify to hold a municipal option election if requested to do so by petition of at least 30 percent of citizens voting in the last municipal election. Affected are Blountsville, Cleveland, Hayden, and Locust Fork. Blountsville

According to Mayor Michael Glass, “Judge King’s ruling allowing Blountsville the right to vote on the legalization of alcohol sales will be discussed during the next Blountsville Town Council meeting on Monday, Nov. 18, at 6 p.m.” Cleveland

Mayor Jerry Jones responded last week that there has been no effort so far to his knowledge by any individual or group intending to request a local alcohol referendum. He said he has no reason to expect the town council will be presented with a petition and asked to set an election. He said it has not been discussed in council meetings recently, but will possibly be brought up for discussion at the council’s next meeting (tomorrow night). Hayden

Mayor Larry Armstrong said yesterday the town has been requested to provide a voter list from the last municipal election and it has complied with the request. He said the council has considered the need for a local alcohol control ordinance should a referendum result in sanctioning alcohol sales within the town’s boundaries, and that the council has been going over the ordinance passed early this year by Oneonta. He said he expects that a valid petition will be presented to the town requesting a referendum be set on alcohol sales. Such a petition would require signatures equalling 30 percent of 179 voters, based on the 2012 municipal election turnout.