Open the door, Blount County

Open the door in your mind: the one you have closed against change. Maybe it was closed because of fear, or indecision, or lack of information. This county is saturated with alcohol, but we get no money from it. Ask your local police. Read the strict alcohol ordinances that are being proposed. There will be no strip clubs, bars, or clubs. Go to other communities and see how this revenue has helped them. Walk through their parks and open the door to the possibility that we could see this type of positive change as well.

Open the door in your heart: the one you closed against your neighbor. When a boycott is called against our neighbors simply because they have a petition in their business, we have gone astray. When tens of thousands of dollars are being spent on this campaign and not the dozens of service organizations in our county who feed, shelter, clothe and educate the needy, we have gone astray. Try to understand that many people in our county are struggling, and alcohol is not the problem. Our county economy is shrinking every year. Our county commission is making hard decisions, having to cut millions out of the county budget. Ask how many children in our county live in poverty and go without. Drive around and look at the closed businesses in this county. Open the door to the need that is all around, and please, let’s focus on the real issues.

Last, open the door to your refrigerator. If you have alcohol in there, or you did last week, or last month, then you don’t have a problem with alcohol being in this county.

There is a reason 64 counties in Alabama sell alcohol and dozens of towns have legalized alcohol sales in the past few years. Alcohol is big business. It builds parks. It brings business. It funds education.

Open the door, Blount County, our future is knocking.

Bonnie Anne Peavy