Oneonta’s elimination from tournaments lamented

I am saddened and distressed to read the news concerning the elimination of Oneonta High School from all county sports tournaments.

For those who are too young to remember or have come to Blount County more recently, the Oneonta system evolved as follows: the school was divided when the school year was interrupted by a “cotton picking” break. This was necessary in many rural counties during World War II. Men were in military services and famly farms needed much help. This practice continued in Blount County following the war.

Many teachers lacked a part of their education and were completing their degrees by going to summer school. The split session prohibited this and caused other conflicts of scheduling. At that time a number of young men interested in the school system worked out a plan to start a separate system for Oneonta.

My late husband, Hugh Nash, graduated from Blount County High School in 1942 prior to entering the Air Force. Our five children are graduates of Oneonta High. My limited financial support for Blount County Education Foundation and OFFER each year has been equal because I think all Blount County children deserve as good an education as we can provide.

Our County is small with a small population. We need each other and what is good for one often helps the other. We have enough division in the state, nation and world so let’s give our young people a chance to mature and the ability to be the best they can be. Sincere cooperation as well as competition should be promoted. Let us pull together for the good of all.

Jimmie R. Nash