Oneonta to offer Heritage property at sealed-bid sale

The City of Oneonta was asked at its Tuesday business meeting to approve a request to solicit sealed bids for purchase of the Heritage Golf property, consisting of the golf course, club house, and about 200 acres of land, according to Oneonta city manager Ed Lowe.

The bid contract will specify that the property is to be operated as it has in the past as a golf course, club house, and restaurant, and will contain a provision for the city to buy the property back at the purchase price should it become available for sale in the future, Lowe said.

“I’ve had a reasonable amount of interest expressed in buying it,” Lowe said, “and I expect there may be several bids.”

Lowe said the contract will not prevent a new owner from expanding the facilities to encompass further business opportunities related to the golf course, such as overnight and/or conference accommodations. “There’s plenty of room for expansion out there,” he said.

The Oneonta City Council voted last week to accept the donation of the property from owner Bethanne Mashburn for tax purposes, contingent upon receipt of an appraisal. The appraisal was received in the amount of about $6 million.

“The city will realize a profit from the sale, minus some maintenance, insurance, and other overhead costs,” Lowe said, “but the intent is not to just make a profit, but to maintain and preserve the quality of life for the residents in the surrounding area, as well as the intangible values and appeal of the area itself. Then we’ll use the proceeds for further community development.”

Lowe said that between now and the solicitation of bids, which will be announced soon if approved by the city council, anyone who would like to view the property or discuss the terms of the bid can call him at city hall and arrange a meeting.

Ed. note: Look for a follow-up article next week.