Oneonta School Board approves new coaching supplements, assigns local funding study

At its June 28 special meeting, the Oneonta City Board of Education approved increasing supplements for assistant and lower-tier coaches, excluding head coaches for football and basketball. The amount for coaches now receiving $1,500 supplements will increase to $2,000 annually. The amount for coaches now receiving $765 will increase to $1,000 annually. The increase may alleviate the increasing problem of finding teachers willing to accept coaching assignments due to the extra time requirements involved, Superintendent Michael Douglas said. The cumulative budget impact is $12,820 annually.

In other matters, the board approved the payment of health insurance for Oneonta City Schools chief financial officer Cathy Loggins. Loggins was also asked by school board chairman Pat Adams to conduct a review of local system funding and create a presentation identifying incoming local funds and the uses for which they are spent so as to relate the incoming revenues with associated earmarks.

Below are approved superintendent’s recommendations for both the June 12 and June 28 special board meetings, as well as new teachers introduced at the June 28 meeting.

June 12

The board approved for the 2017-2018 school year:

• hiring Leah Isbell as kindergarten teacher; Rachel Latham as sixth-grade reading teacher; Brandon Crews seventh grade English teacher; and Daniel Garrett as high school health teacher, with other assignments.

• transferring Phil Phillips from public speaking teacher to middle school teacher.

• enrolling 36 non-resident students for the elementary school; one non-resident student for the middle school; and one non-resident student for the high school.

• placing two middle school non-resident students on probation.

• dismissing one middle school nonresident student.

• placing nine high school non-resident students on probation for the first semester of the 2017-2018 school year.

June 28

The board approved for the 2017-2018 school year:

• hiring Sandy McElvey as elementary school technology teacher, and Sandy Lambert as part-time high school math teacher.

• three-year contract for Leslie Russell, elementary school principal.

• three-year contract for Brad Newton, middle school principal.

• resignation of Stephen Handley as system maintenance worker, effective June 13.

• enrolling five non-resident students for the elementary school.

• dismissing three elementary school non-resident students.

• the Chromebook policy.

• Internet usage agreement.

• elementary school, middle school, and high school Student Hand-book.

• system Foster Care Plan.

• budget amendment #2 for fiscal year 2017.

• facility-use agreement for the Oneonta Park and Recreation Board for July 13-July 16.

New teachers introduced at June 28 meeting:

• Hannah Maze, elementary school third-grade teacher.

• Kathleen Sosebee, middle school librarian.

• Lori McKoy, part-time choir instructor.

• Lexi Lynn, high school math teacher and volleyball coach.

• Chaunteil Carr, high school librarian.

• Robyn Lowe, high school science and robotics teacher.

• Abby Patterson, part-time art instructor.