Oneonta Post Office conducts food drive; its customers supply the food – to Hope House



Talk about a nice, neat, little plan to provide relief to hungry people – the Oneonta Post Office has got it going. They leave a post card in customers’ mailboxes letting them know the date of the food drive – May 13 in this case – then customers donate non-perishable food items by leaving them in a bag at their mailboxes on that date. The post office picks up the bags, brings them back to the post office – where a grinning Bud Jones takes custody of them and whisks them back to the Hope House Food Bank, where they immediately begin to relieve the need for nourishment of hungry people.

From the left are postal workers involved in the effort: front row – Brooke Callaway, Becky Jordan, and Jessica Hill. Back row – Lasey Grigsby, Katie Cowan, Ron Smith, Jordan Phillips, Cheyenne Stidham, and Sandra Wilson.

‘I’m just glad we could help the community,’ said postmaster Rick Jackson, ‘and I’m glad it starts and stays in the community,’ he added.

-Ron Gholson