Oneonta man arrested on child pornography charges

Paul Kelly, 39, of Oneonta, was taken into custody last week after he was charged with 94 counts of possession of child porn. He is in the Blount County Jail with bond set at $1.4 million, according to Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey.

Authorities received a search warrant for Kelly’s house after an investigation, which began in 2013, showed an email belonging to Kelly had received images via the Internet that contained child pornography. Three weeks later, federal agents carried out a search warrant on his Hotmail account. In September of this year, a warrant was executed on Kelly’s house and authorities seized two hard drives, two computers, one video recorder, 83 home movies and other electronics.

According to Casey, the investigation was stalled for an amount of time due to waiting on forensics to return with information.

“I wanted to make sure it was there, and that enough evidence was available to prove something did occur,” she said.

After those items were seized and searched by the Alabama Electronic Crimes Task Force, more than 100 pornographic images of children under 17 were found.

Authorities were issuing the search warrant of the house when Kelly came home, court records show. In the affidavit, it showed Kelly was read his Miranda rights, and he indicated that he did view child pornography and preferred boys between 9 and 10 but had looked at child pornography that contained images of children from ages 2 to 16.

Additionally, according to sources, Kelly admitted to authorities he made an account on a photo-sharing website and posted nude children on that site. The affidavit read,“Kelly said he had been looking at child pornography for about 10 years but had tried to stop during the last two years. He indicated he wanted help for his addiction to child pornography.”