Oneonta High School students ace AP exams



Thirty-one students – more than half of juniors and seniors taking Advanced Placement (AP) Exams at Oneonta High School (OHS) this spring – earned qualifying scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the test. A score of 5 means the student is “extremely well qualified” to receive college credit for the course. Accordingly, a 4 translates to “very well qualified” and a 3 to “qualified” to receive course credit at a college of their choice. Each college sets its own policy for awarding course credit, with some awarding it only for scores of 4 or 5.

Oneonta High School currently offers AP courses in seven basic subject areas: biology, calculus, chemistry, English language, English literature, statistics, and U.S. history. Student performance in four areas was especially good, compared to Alabama and national averages, shown in the table below. Numbers represent percentage of students who earned qualifying scores.

Subject OHS State U.S.
AP Biology 93 35 61
AP U.S. History 65 34 52
AP English Language 62 40 57
AP English Literature 67 35 47

In addition, Rogelio Arriaga was designated AP Scholar of Distinction with an average of 3.5 on all exams taken and a score of 3 or higher on five AP exams.

Eight other students were AP Scholars with three qualifying AP scores. They are: Ethan Adams, Stephanie Brown, Jacky Chen, Makayla Keener, Nixshia Maldanado, Bailey McCray, Ethan Roe, and Dylan Salter.

Students who earned AP qualifying scores on at least one exam are: Ethan Adams, Kayla Hillburn, Matthew Moman, Rogelio Arriaga, Fred Hinojosa, Dalton O’Bryant, Charles Battles, Hunter Truman, Payton Oden, Stephanie Brown, Makayla Keener, Bailee Price, Katelyn Calverley, Nixshia Maldanado, Christopher Price, Jacky Chen, Adriana Marks, Ethan Roe, Lucas Dorning, Ryan McAndrews, Dylan Salter, Jorga Ellard, Bailey McCray, Jack Sample, Colby Ellsworth, Samantha Mendez, Anna-Kaitlyn Shea, Grace Hammond, Cameron Mitchell, Christopher Shea, Wesley Standridge

“The success of our AP program wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication from our students and teachers,” said OHS principal Joe Whited. “We have an exceptional group of teachers that work diligently throughout the year preparing lessons that are rigorous and engaging. Our students are challenged daily through high levels of classroom instruction, which leads to high success rates with qualifying scores.”

Whited said the high school hopes to increase AP class offerings over time with the possible addition of AP Computer Science and AP U.S. Government courses for the 2019-2020 school year.