Oneonta extends tax contract with RDS

The Oneonta City Council voted unanimously to extend its contract with Revenue Discovery System (RDS) for collection of the city’s sales taxes. City manager Ed Lowe explained that the one-year contract includes an eight-cent-per-customer increase for the services. He underscored Mayor Darryl Ray’s point that RDS would like a three-year contract but that the city continues to stipulate an annual renewal.

The council appointed public works supervisor Rodney Wall to the Agri-Business board of directors. Wall replaces Tom Ryan, who had asked to leave the board. The board oversees operation of the Agri-Business Center located in Oneonta and governed by a six-member board divided equally between the city and county. Lowe and Councilman Ross Norris serve as the city’s other two appointees.

In his regular report, Lowe reiterated that city summer employees will undergo additional scrutiny based on the state’s new immigration law. In another matter, he said the city will continue negotiation with the state for some $78,000 planned for the downtown revitalization now announced as completed. Lowe noted the city had planned additional improvements beyond those finished for the project, whose completed work came in below estimates. Lowe ended his report announcing installation of the GIS (Global Informations System) at the city’s Robbins Field airport.

The remaining councilors (Hal Buckelew, Mark Gargus, Tim McNair, and Danny Robinson) joined Ray and Norris at the Jan. 24 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 5:30 p.m. in city hall.