Oneonta council starts process for possible removal or condemnation of non-complying structures

City manager Ed Lowe presented the Oneonta City Council with a 12-page packet identifying 10 residences in violation of city living codes. He obtained approval to contact the identified owners and begin the process of requiring rectification or eventual removal.

The packet listed addresses, owners, and included photographs from each site. The 10 properties, shown with their parcel numbers, are at: 704 Hoyt Berry Drive, U.S. 231 North, 106 Second Ave West, 600 Fourth Avenue East, 3 White Oak Road, 1002 Woodland Drive North, 906 Ridgeway Drive, 408 Fifth Avenue East, 700 Fourth Avenue East, and adjaby CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE cent to that listed only as Fourth Avenue East.

In other business, councilors accepted councilman Mark Gargus’s recommendation to hire Marie Walden and Alice Tillie as summer employee managers. He explained the list of potential youth employees is still under review.

The council approved Phil Williams’s request for annexation of his property on Springville Boulevard. Youth basketball coach Nate Butler introduced his boys 10-and-under and girls 12-and-under teams. Both will compete for the district championship, where a win would place them in the state championship tournament March 14 and 15 in Gadsden.

Councilor Tonya Rogers missed the session. Mayor Ross Norris and councilors Hal Blackwood, Tim McNair, and Danny Robinson joined Gargus for the Feb. 25 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 5:30 p.m. in city hall.