Possible out-of district tution increase discussed

The Oneonta Board of Education discussed multiple policies for the upcoming school year at their meeting on Monday. Among those was the possibility of increasing the out-of-district tuition from $250 to $350 per student. The school hasn’t increased the tuition since 1997.

“If we adjusted 3 percent annually for tuition it would now be $392,” Oneonta Supt. Scott Coefield said. He then presented the board with three options for the tuition increase.

“The first option is we do nothing now, and we wait and see if anything changes as far as revenue if we don’t adjust. Option B, which seems to be the favorite of most of our staff, is just doing a flatrate change. I’ve floated $350 out there for your consideration. The third option, which no one I’ve talked to likes, is do a flat-rate change, and then add a percentage increase every year,” Coefield said.

Other policy discussion included providing a “fair and equitable” salary schedule for school personnel, and this involved discussion on playoff supplements for extra-curricular personnel. A permanent decision on these topics wasn’t made, but is scheduled to be discussed at another meeting.

The board explored options with the issue of nepotism and family members working together in Oneonta schools. Two policies were discussed as possible solutions, one stating the arrangement would be “discouraged” and the other saying it would be “prohibited.”

In other business, the board approved the student handbooks for the elementary and high school and set admission to varsity football games at $6.

The board approved the price for students to eat breakfast at $1.25 and the price for lunch at $2.00. Adult breakfasts will be the same amount as students, but adult lunches will be $2.75. Visitor lunches are set at $3.50.

After the board went into executive session, they returned and approved personnel changes including Archie Roberts as a special ed teacher, J.D. Whited as atrisk teacher and in-school suspension personnel, a one-year agreement with Sharon Standridge to add transportation duties was also approved. The board approved Ed Parrish as Oneonta Elementary School assistant principal with other assigned duties and Robert Smith and Darrell Turley as bus drivers.

Present at the June 18 meeting were Coefield and board members Don Maples, Kitty Cheak, Robbie McAlpine, Winston Scott, and Geoff Smith.