Oneonta audit shows positive income

The yearly audit of the City of Oneonta by Carr, Riggs & Ingram shows a “very successful” and “positive income” for the city, according to Matt Taylor as he reviewed the audit document with the council last week.

The City of Oneonta has a triple A bond rating, and Taylor noted that the number of successful grants obtained by the city reflects organized operations and efforts toward improving future revenue streams through redevelopment.

Both Taylor and city manager Ed Lowe noted that planned improvements will help increase the value of the community.

Lowe further said that as the city invests in improvements of revenue streams, the city must also continue to improve and assist those streams. “As we develop, we just can’t build and leave them.”

The council also approved an airport improvement funding agreement, which basically amended an earlier agreement that will improve ramps with extra state and federal funds. Lowe said the project was $230,000 with $219,000 coming in the form of grants.

Blount County District 3 Commissioner Dean Calvert came before the council seeking cooperative action to address some issues at the county owned Frank Green Building. He noted that some sidewalks have settled, creating standing water areas.

He also said that there is a lack of handicapped striping and that there needs to be better access for the handicapped. Calvert suggested the county could fix the entrance if the city would help with the street.

Councilman Richard Phillips said, “We do need to address some issues over there.” Mayor Ross Norris agreed and suggested that, “We go and walk the site during this week or next and see what we can do.”

In other matters the council:

• approved an alcohol license application for Legends Sofa Bar.

• approved a resolution naming surplus items the city no longer uses or needs.

• voted to consider hiring an office manager to handle the planned downtown redevelopment projects. Lowe said the position would come under a community development office.

• approved advertising for two part-time, temporary summer circulation assistants for the Oneonta Public Library.

• approved a security/fire alarm system for the library in the amount of $1,125 from Stream South.

• approved the purchase/trade of 20 Glock guns for the Oneonta Police Department. Phillips said there had been some malfunctions with the older ones and made the motion to purchase new models at $5,100.

Late Monday afternoon, the city sent out a press release canceling the March 24 regular council meeting and scheduled work session due to the ongoing concerns related to COVID-19.